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Butter Pots

Unsalted Lactic Butter

Butter Pots

Unsalted Lactic butter is manufactured by the churning process from cream from cows’ milk with the addition of lactic flavour. It is homogenous in texture, pale yellow in colour with no free moisture present. Typical, clean lactic flavour, without off-taints or rancidity.

Chemical Composition

Moisture 16% Maximum
Milk Fat 82% Maximum
Milk Solids not fat 2% Maximum
pH 4.5 - 5.2

Microbiological Standards

Total Count <5000 CFU/gm Maximum
Yeast & Mould Count 100 CFU/gm Maximum
Enterobacteriaceae 10 CFU/gm Maximum
E.coli <10/gm
S.aureus (Coagulase +ve) <10/gm
Salmonella Absent/25gm
Listeria Absent/25gm

Physical Parameters

Body Firm and pliable
Texture Waxy, close and smooth
Flavour Clean, fresh and free from microbiological, chemical or any other taints and characteristic of type
Odour Clean, fresh and characteristic of type
Colour Uniform with no evidence of streakiness or spotting
Free Moisture Absent
Foreign/objectional matter Absent

Packing configuration

We offer 25kg and 10kg formats for our industrial customers. We can also offer private label foil packets to Food Service and Retail buyers, ranging from 100gm to 500gm sizes.

Storage Conditions and Shelf Life

Frozen: 24 months from production @ -18°C. Maintenance of frozen cold chain must be enforced. Butter must not be exposed and must be stored away from strong odours and light.