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Greenfields Standards

Our Quality Standards

Ensuring quality processes
Quality Assurance (QA) is an important part of the Greenfields Ireland process. We have mechanisms and checks to maintain the very highest Quality Assurance standards for the foodstuffs we handle, from point of origin to point of delivery. Our accreditations are reviewed on a regular basis to maintain these high standards.

BRCGS (British Retail Consortium Global Standard, Agents & Brokers Accreditation)
Greenfields Ireland achieved BRCGS AA status in 2017. The standard was first introduced by BRCGS in 2014 and provides essential certification for companies that provide purchase, importation or product distribution services in the food and/or packaging supply chain. Greenfields Ireland plays an essential role in the movement and trade of products, providing a critical link in their chain of custody and maintaining an effective chain of traceability.

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AEO (Approved Economic Operator Accreditation)
Greenfields Ireland achieved AEO accreditation in 2019. It is internationally recognised as a mark of quality. AEO status effectively demonstrates that our role within the international supply chain is secure, and that our customs’ controls and procedures are efficient and compliant.

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