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Mozzarella Cheese

Cheese Board

Mozzarella cheese is manufactured from cows’ milk with the addition of salt, starter culture and rennet. It undergoes a cooking process which is responsible for the typical fibrous pasta filata stretching structure synonymous of mozzarella.

Physical Parameters

Mozzarella cheese is creamy white in colour with firm, flexible body, typically fibrous when cut. Taste is mild, characteristic of type, creamy with lactic notes. It demonstrates good melt and flow with characteristic stringing and slight browning on cooking.

Chemical Composition

Shred/Cube Block
Fat 23.6% Maximum 24.5% Maximum
Moisture 55.5% Maximum 50% Maximum
Fat in dry matter 42% Minimum 40% Minimum
Salt 2% Maximum 1.6% Maximum

Microbiological Standards

Shred/Cube Block
Enterobacteriaceae <100/gm 1000 Maximum
E.coli <10/gm 10
Yeast and moulds 5000/gm Max 1000 Maximum each
Salmonella Absent/25gm Absent/25gm
Listeria spp. Absent/25gm Absent/25gm


Mozzarella cheese is available in block, cube and shred forms. The blocks are typically 10Kgs. Cube and shred are packed in 6 x 2Kgs bags

Shelf Life

Frozen: 18 months from production @ -18°C (sealed pack). Maintenance of frozen chain must be enforced. Cheese must not be exposed and must be stored away from strong odours and lights.