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Cheese Board

Cheddar Cheese

Cheese Board

White cheddar cheese is manufactured from cows’ milk with the addition of salt, starter culture and rennet.

Physical Parameters

Cheddar cheese is pale yellow in colour with good firm body, well knit texture and uniform colour. Taste is mild, characteristic of type, creamy with sharper notes.

Chemical Composition

Fat 35% Maximum (Target 32%)
Moisture 39% Maximum (Target 38%)
Fat in dry matter 48% Minimum
pH 4.95 - 5.55
Salt 2.2% Maximum (Target 1.9%)

Microbiological Standards

Coliforms <100/gm
E.coli <10/gm
Yeast and moulds 100/gm Max
Salmonella Absent/25gm
Listeria spp Absent/25gm


We offer 20Kgs format for our industrial customers. We can also offer 4 x 5kgs and 8 x 2.5Kgs formats for food service and retail buyers.

Shelf Life

12 months from production @ 2-5°C (sealed pack). Maintenance of chill chain must be enforced. Cheese must not be exposed and must be stored away from strong odours and lights.